Strategic Plan

Following an 18 month strategic planning process that included in depth research, data analysis, and engagement with the Board of Trustees, community and campus constituents, a Strategic Plan for 2022 - 2031 has been finalized and was adopted on Nov. 18, 2021.

The 十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined Strategic Plan 2022 - 2031 will utilize the Balanced Scorecard strategic plan framework. This ensures all key stakeholder perspectives are being considered.

Those perspectives are:

  1. Students, Alumni and Community
  2. Organization
  3. Resource Management
  4. Employees

Key PerFormance Indicator (KPI) Scorecard

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十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined
Execution & Refresh Timeline

十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined Execution & Refresh Timeline

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十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined also includes a revised mission statement and new vision statement along with newly created organizational value statements. The strategic plan's four strategic themes and 14 organizational goals will provide the road map to reaching the College's desired future state – its vision.

The decision to switch from a 5-year plan to a 10-year plan allows 十大娱乐彩票平台 to more realistically set bold goals that will truly reimagine 十大娱乐彩票平台. 十大娱乐彩票平台 will conduct a  five-year check up on the plan to ensure it remains responsive and relevant to 十大娱乐彩票平台's evolving needs.

At its November meeting, the 十大娱乐彩票平台 Board of Trustees voted to adopt 十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined, the College's 2022-2031 Strategic Plan.

The plan consists of four specific strategic themes that the College will focus its efforts on over the next decade and we refer to these as 十大娱乐彩票平台's Four Key E's:

  • Emerge as a first choice
  • Evolve for maximum impact on education and workforce
  • Embrace all
  • Elevate student, employee and community engagement

Within the umbrella of these four themes are thirteen specific organizational goals that the College will work collectively to achieve.

In an effort to ensure all stakeholder perspectives are reflected in the 十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined Strategic Plan, the College has opted to utilize the Balanced Scorecard strategic plan framework. This framework allows the College to view its organizational goals from four different perspectives to ensure the needs of all stakeholders are addressed:

  • Students, Alumni and Community
  • Organization
  • Resource Management
  • Employees

The 十大娱乐彩票平台 Reimagined Strategic Plan will guide us in honoring our mission, or our reason for existence, and reaching our vision, which is the desired future state of the College. Throughout the strategic planning process, it became evident that a refresh to 十大娱乐彩票平台's vision was needed to more appropriately represent the College's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The College's mission, or what drives us, is now:

Preparing students, serving communities, creating opportunities for all.


十大娱乐彩票平台's new vision is:

十大娱乐彩票平台 will be the Kansas City region's college of choice where all are encouraged to learn, discover and engage.


The College's new organizational values are:

 Excellence, Learning, Equity, People, Integrity.