Workforce & Economic Development (WED)

Who we are

The Workforce and Economic Development Division (WED) of Metropolitan Community College is the leader in innovative workforce solutions and community enrichment. We partner to first develop our community in order to develop it economically for the growth of the Kansas City metro's citizens; families, businesses, industry, organizations, and associations.

At 十大娱乐彩票平台 you can get the education that works for you, whether you are looking for

  • industry credentials
  • new skills to advance your career or
  • continuing education credits related to licensure or professional development.

Check out these and other options in the listings below.

Our Commitment is to SHAPE a better future:

  • To Support business and industry in achieving their growth and expansion goals
  • To Help individuals obtain the necessary training for ongoing upward mobility at any level
  • To Assist non-profit organizations in accomplishing their mission
  • To Partner with communities desiring to enhance the quality of life of its members
  • To Eliminate income disparities within 十大娱乐彩票平台's service region

To join us in this endeavor, feel free to support our student scholarships. You will be helping individuals to move from poverty to sustainability!

Metropolitan Community College is a leader in preparing our region's workforce with career and technical education. Today's industrial workplace is undergoing rapid change, and 十大娱乐彩票平台 is continually innovating to meet the resulting needs.

十大娱乐彩票平台's Workforce & Economic Development programs and services are designed to provide short-term and low-cost educational opportunities for high demand workforce occupations, as well as connecting with certificate and degree programs that provide pathways into careers in key industry sectors. Our workforce programs use industry business partners to help review our curriculum to ensure that students will be "job ready" when they earn their credentials.

Programs and services

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a well-prepared workforce by partnering with employers, community organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions to offer career readiness education to a broad spectrum of students. We want to continually improve the "pipeline" of clear and accessible pathways to help students connect with careers and further education. We believe that education is ideally ongoing, even when students are in the workforce. We offer new skills to face new challenges in an ever-changing career culture.

Engage as a business

Are you looking for more skilled workers? Are you interested in investing in entry level employees and preparing them for your workplace? Do you need to train incumbent workers as their tasks change? Do you need to provide HR training, but don't want to handle it in-house? Do you need to assess your employees (or potential employees) to find gaps in their skills so you can customize training for them? Or, do you want assistance connecting to government resources to train your workforce? We have solutions for you.

Engage as a Student

Do you want industry recognized credentials that will prepare you for well-paying jobs, sometimes in just a few months of study? Do your existing credentials require Continuing Education Units or other ongoing education? Are you looking for help preparing to enter the workforce? Are you a lifelong learner on the lookout for next steps and courses of interest? Do you want to expand your skill base to further your career? We have solutions for you.

Workforce & Economic Development (WED)

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